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Title: Проблема визначення поняття екологічної безпеки
Other Titles: Проблема определения понятия экологической безопасности
The problem of the definition of environmental safety
Authors: Буканов, Григорій Миколайович
Буканов, Григорий Николаевич
Bukanov, Gregory M.
Keywords: ecological safety
state security
natural environment
negative influence
economic activity
екологічна безпека
стан захищеності
природне середовище
негативний вплив
господарська діяльність
надзвичайна ситуація
экологическая безопасность
постояние защищённости
природная среда
негативное влияние
хозяйственная деятельность
чрезвычайная cитуация
Issue Date: 2016
Publisher: Университет современных знаний
Abstract: UK: У статті на підставі аналізу наукових поглядів, теоретичних положень та законодавства, розглянуто проблему визначення поняття екологічної безпеки. Сформульовано авторську її дефініцію, яку пропонується закріпити замість визначеної у ч. 1 ст. 50 Закону України «Про охорону навколишнього природного середовища». EN: The article is based on an analysis of scientific views, theoretical positions and legislation, the problem of the definition of environmental safety. EN: The purpose of this article is to solve the problem of the definition of environmental safety. Some authors consider environmental safety as a part of environmental protection, others put an equal sign between them, the others include the content of this category not only environmental, but also rational use, reproduction and improvement of its quality. Also the idea has been expressed that environmental security is an activity carried along with environmental protection. In this connection, it must be said that every definition has a right to exist. But when evaluating each one should be aware of the angle at which the concept was formulated. Analysis of the literature of regulations demonstrates the wide range of views at the definition of “environmental safety” from rational use, reproduction and improvement of the quality of the environment to ensure environmental rights and human interests, protect the environmental interests of society and the state. The definition of environmental safety is an evolutionary stage, the existing wording unstable, constantly modified towards detail and specification features, not fully defined the entire complex environmental threats, weaknesses observed interdisciplinary scientific relations. Environmental safety is a part of the national security of each country and Ukraine in particular, is the criterion and fundamental principle of Natural Resources and Environment. The term “environmental security” should be considered as the state security environment and the vital interests of the person from possible adverse effects of economic and other activities of natural and man-made disasters and their consequences. We believe that the concept of environmental safety in a way most clearly and fully reflects its nature. It is proposed to fix this definition in paragraph 1 of Article 50 of the Law of Ukraine “On Environmental Protection”. В статье на основании анализа научных взглядов, теоретических положений и законодательства, рассмотрена проблема определения понятия экологической безопасности. Сформулирована авторская её дефиниция, которую предлагается закрепить вместо указанной в ч. 1 ст. 50 ЗаконаУкраины «Об охране окружающей природной среды».
Description: Буканов Г. М. Проблема визначення поняття екологічної безпеки/ Г. М. Буканов //the Journal of Eastern European Law / Журнал східноєвропейського права. – 2016. – № 24. – С. 18-25.
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